*Opțional Completează-ți numele! (Pentru clasament și diplomă)
Mary ____ obsessed with horse riding at a young age.

She’s not an engineer, ___?

How long ____ you had this house?

____ anyone get hurt?

He ____ about stamps. I can’t stand it!

She keeps ____ her things all around the place!

He ____ us to the first game when we were kids .

At first I ____ starting work so early but this has changed.

His new iphone, ____ he bought two days ago, has already broken down

We'd like to see the photos ____ you took at the party.

People __________ from the illness find it difficult to relax.

John ____ much better since I saw him last month.

Mike realized that he ____ his passport at home.

They couldn't fall asleep because their friends ____ a lot of noise.

____ plans you might have for the summer holiday, you'll have to postpone them.

My neighbours ____ out for a few years before they decided to get married.

Sheila won't pass the exam ____ she starts revising immediately.

Raul wouldn't have missed the bus if he ____ to chat with Jane!

The party was so boring I wish I ____ there.

By the time they arrive, we ____ everything for the departure.

During the next meeting we ____ about setting goals

She can't find her glasses. She ____ them.

The police stopped them and said they ____ to enter the building.

He is not sure if you're aware ____ the risk.

Her mother asked Jane where ____ all day.

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