Pre-intermediate (A2) Level – Final Assessment

*Opțional Completează-ți numele! (Pentru clasament și diplomă)

 Listen to five conversations. There is one question for each conversation. For each question, choose the correct answer.

What is Oliver doing this weekend?

What is Anna doing on Friday evening?

What’s for dinner?

Where is Sam’s class meeting for the school trip?

What birthday present is Frank asking for?

A Anna

We live in a new house and my mum is using a great website,, to plan all the rooms. It’s lots of fun. You can move the sofa and the armchairs or put the beds in a different place. Or put a desk in the living room and a mirror in the hall. You draw a plan of your house. Then you can move your furniture to different rooms. Perhaps it looks good, perhaps it doesn’t. OK – try again. You can change your plan again and again until you get it right! And you can see the results in 3D – it’s very real. You don’t have to work hard and you can still have the perfect house! We have a lot of furniture from our old house and with this website we can try lots of different ways before we have to move anything. It’s easy to use and the 3D is great.


B Damian

My dad has got and he lets me play with it. I don’t usually surf the Internet much or play games, but this website is great! My bedroom is quite small and my dad says I can have some new furniture, but first I have to decide where I want to put my things. I’m using the website, and it’s helping a lot. I want a new bed with a desk under it and some more cupboards. It’s looking good now and my dad likes the plan so I can get my new furniture soon. is for people who want to buy a new house.

You need a plan of your house to use

It’s expensive to use

You can only change your rooms once.

Anna’s mum is using the website because the family has moved to a new house.

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