Revision of Tenses

*Opțional Completează-ți numele! (Pentru clasament și diplomă)

By the end of tomorrow night, our team _______Chelsea in the Champions League Cup.

The injured children _______to hospital while passers-by _______ around the place near the school where the fire started.

Whenever holiday comes, this ancient fortress _______very busy, for it is visited by numerous peoplewho _______to meet the past.

Please, do_______and _______me everything about your trip to Spain.

 “I’m hungry, mum!” _______Milly, as she _______her bag on the floor with a loud thud.

Life was becoming hard and miserable for both of them. A whole year after the tragedy, they _______as complete strangers to each other as if they _______before.

A few years ago it _______that too much exposure to social media _______ alienation.

This mountain peak _______a great prize for professional climbers, especially if it_______ before.

She _______me in the park only on Sundays, as a child.

Since she _______ that horrible accident, she _______a car for a couple of years.

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