Test Paper-Grammar Structures 10 th Grade

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1.The research team ________ a groundbreaking discovery that ________ to revolutionize medical treatments.

2.If the proposal ________ by the board, it ________ a significant impact on the company's future.

3.Despite ________ all necessary precautions, the team ________ to complete the project on time.

4.By the time she ________ back from vacation, the new system ________ fully implemented.

5.The new regulations, ________ to protect the environment, ________ in all European countries.

6.If we ________ the train, we ________ to the meeting on time.

7.Although he ________ a highly skilled professional, he ________ a significant challenge in adapting to the new software.

8.The film, which ________ by a renowned director, ________ several awards at the festival.

9.The students ________ thoroughly before they ________ to present their projects.

10.If he ________ to the seminar, he ________ valuable insights on the topic.

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